Impact to Date

The Tie Dye Project was established in 2017 by the Parmenter family. Below we have detailed our journey, scattered with all kinds of rainbows. We are so grateful for all the people we have met over the years and the incredible support we have been lucky enough to receive.

  • 7,200

    items tie dyed

  • $548,300

    raised since 2017

  • 8 Projects Supported

    Including other charities, sarcoma research and a sarcoma fellowship

CAR T Cell Therapy Clinical Trial

Children’s Cancer Research Unit has been conducting a clinical research project for the translation of CAR T therapy for sarcoma. The research aims to focus on the clinical translation of laboratory tested, genetically immune CAR T cells into Phase 1 trials for paediatric sarcoma patients, with the hope of extending this previously successful CAR T Therapy technology to solid tumours, like sarcoma.

Funds raised across the 2021 and 2023 Tie Dye Festivals ($115,500) were matched by The Kids Cancer Project, to contribute $231,000 towards this research. Thanks to this awareness, this is now a funded supported clinical trial.

CAR T Cell Therapy Project

NK Cell Therapy Project, QLD

With the support of TKCP ($100,000) and CRBF ($50,000), the TDP has contributed $100,000 to the NK Cell Therapy Project clinical trial, which aims to evaluate the potential of NK cell antitumour activity in osteosarcoma treatment. The trial is being conducted out of the University of Queensland, with very promising results thus far.

The Trial in Detail

Sarcoma Fellowship

The TDP has committed to the allocation of funds for a 2 year sarcoma research fellowship, contributing $100,000, generously matched by the Kids Cancer Project.

Sarcoma Workflow Project

Alongside funding from The Kids Cancer Project, the TDP is committing to contributing $100,000 to the Sarcoma Workflow Project, which aims to analyse drug responses to determine effective therapeutic options specific to individual tumours. This will accelerate the translation of precision medicine from bench-to-bedside for childhood sarcoma patients.

TKCP Sarcoma Workflow Project

Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation

CRBF is a sarcoma-focused charity that dedicates themselves to significantly improving treatment options, optimal patient pathways, and survival outcomes for young sarcoma patients. The TDP contributes funding for the Jack Gibson Sarcoma Patient  & Family Support Programme, which aims to support patients and families in "off-menu" ways, such as providing memorable experiences.