Blessed I am to be a part of this amazing project! So much fun, beautiful people and one of the good things to come from my own cancer journey.Meeting Amy and Kiera changed my life.
    I was 12, battling bone cancer in hospital. Sick, bald, and battered and finding it hard to remember life’s beautiful rainbows on some of the cloudiest of days.
    How lucky was I that day in October 2018 to have ran into these two beautiful girls!From that day on we have had so many good times, shed the odd tear, and laughed, oh how we have laughed! Months past and these girls checked in on me all the time, how blessed I am!
    Then to be asked to join The Tie Dye Project…the fun continued, the laughs continued and all for a good cause.
    They say laughter is the best medicine, I say that is true. But remembering “to look for a rainbow each day” is just as important and The Tie Dye Project is all about rainbows, fun times and good friends!
    Want to join our tie dye fam? Jump on board and enjoy the ride, there is plenty of room for everyone!


"Kiera Austin and I first met Molly Croft at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Radiothon at the end of 2018. At the time she was 12 years old, she was a netty nerd like us, and she was fighting a high-grade osteosarcoma by going through some of the worst chemotherapy there is. She had the biggest scar on her leg but an even bigger smile. This kid and her beautiful family are the bravest and most grateful people I have ever met, and they have changed my outlook on life in so many ways.

Over 2019 Kiera and I grew closer with the Crofts. Molly became an inspiration for me during my first year in the Giants Netball team. She gave me so much purpose, and the smile she had when we visited her at Ronald McDonald House made all the hard parts of elite sport more than worth it.

When off-season came around and I started thinking about The Tie-Dye project for 2019, I found myself in the presence of a tie-dying guru. Molly just so happened to love tie-dying and was more than happy to get involved in the project. With Molly jumping on board (and with her, the entire town of Dubbo), we went from selling a couple of hundred t-shirts to selling 1000!!! In 2019, with the help of lots of very amazing people, we raised nearly $25,000 (more than 5X what we had raised the year before)." - Amy Parmenter