“During my cancer journey and since, I end each day ‘looking for a rainbow’ and a reason to be grateful. I can’t believe that now those rainbows and that mindset has helped raise so much money for vital Sarcoma research. For this I am truly grateful”.

– Molly Croft (16 year old, two time osteosarcoma survivor).  


“It is incredible that our crazy colourful little tie dye project is really helping to make a difference in the sarcoma space. It really is true that from little things big things grow”. 

– Amy Parmenter (SSN and Australian Diamonds Netballer)


Founded by Giants Netballer and Australian Diamond, Amy Parmenter, and co-run with two-time osteosarcoma survivor and student Molly Croft, The Tie Dye Project tie dyes and sells thousands of products every year to raise money for sarcoma related projects. 

Come and help us spread rainbows and join us on our fight against sarcoma! Love Molly & Amy and the Tie Dye Project Crew x